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Aug 24 2017

ICMAS Abacus Brain Study Pvt #abacus #foundation


Be perfect using Abacus.

Abacus help s the child to develop concentration, creativity, listening and comprehension skills so as to empower the process of 360 degrees brain development.

Brain has left and right hemi-spheres. The left brain is the conventional brain and right brain is the base of intelligence. About 90% of us use only the left brain. But with ICMAS program children are trained to use their right brain more, resulting in increased performance in all their activities. What is ICMAS :ICMAS Stands for International Concept of Mental Arithematic System. It was developed from “Soroban Methodology” that originated in Japan. ICMAS Mental Arithmetic System is a modern representation of an ancient art of Mental Math. ICMAS uses the ancient tool ABACUS for the Right Brain Development, the seat of intelligence contributing in a large measure to increase Speed and Accuracy, Learning ability, Concentration, Perceptual capability & Photographic Memory skills, which automatically results in student’s better performance in academic subjects. Arithmetic is extremely important for building up a solid academic foundation for children. ICMAS Mental Arithmetic is an internationally well-known powerful Mental Development Program, which will effectively activate children’s latent mental power and develop their utmost in Photographic Memory, Imaginative & Creative Skills resulting in Self-reliance and Self-confidence.

Why to take a Franchisee

  • Low investment- high profit
  • All materials provided by company
  • No investment for promotional material
  • No need of registration of your business
  • Business plan provided by company
  • Support by company to set up your own center
  • No need to invest your full time
  • No need of wide range idea about the business as specialists from company will guide you

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Testimonials for us

With the help of ICMAS abacus my child has improved in maths and also taking interest in Abacus. My child waits everyday for Saturday because he likes Abacus classes very much. In our family we all love abacus. Any digit if you give my child can do fast calculations and I like this very much.

– Babasaheb Vantamutte

Good and excellent planning of ICMAS Abacus and Easy Maths exam. We should conduct this championship at district/regional level, so we will get more response and rural area students can participate in this exam too. This exam gives motivational support and courage to students.Best of Luck to ICMAS for spreading abacus and easymath education to all students in India

– Ashvini Sanjay Deokar

The ICMAS Abacus class is really very good. I am saying this because I can see the improvement in my child. Now she is able to do same additions without any paper & pencil. And one more thing I realized that there is no mental pressure on the child. Whatever she is doing she is enjoying. Thanks a lot to all the teachers and teaching in a very easy manner.

– Himanshe Shrivastava

I like Abacus because it is a simple process of Maths and improvement in mental exercise. I know about Abacus and without Abacus maths would be difficult. It has many ways to count. It is simple to use abacus.

– Swara p Sonje

I have come across to the ICMAS Website almost four years before. We Contact to the direct no given over there to enquire about the franchise, we got very useful information along with the local representative/Distributor of ICMAS Franchise for more information. Mrs. Aarti Limhan Madam helps us very much from the every corner in the starting from Set up to Marketing of our center. From ICMAS also we are getting small tips time to time abut the same. It was very enriching experience from start – up to today. The State Level Championship is also very helpful for all the students. This Championship boost students very much to keep alive there competitive spirit in this world. Beginning with only two students today I have around 25 students in my center located at Wadgaon Bk. Pune. I am very happy and hopeful to grow with ICMAS Family by which I can enlighten the life’s of future Indian Generation…………..

– Kshipra Vinay Shaligram

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