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Oct 1 2017

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Product Change Notice

Effective immediately customers will begin receiving TBH25 Series resistors with dimensional changes. The reason for this is a change to Ohmite’s subcontractor for the molding of this series, as was done once before in 2007. Details

Sales Rep. Changes

Ohmite would like to introduce Logix Sales and Marketing as the new Representatives in the Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas (ex. El Paso) territory, as well as in Mexico. In addition to Logix joining the sales network, C & N and Associates will now service the entire Southern California territory. Details

Product Change Notice

Ohmite announces dimensional changes to the 89 series of resistors. These changes are reflected on the mounting tabs and extrusion profiles. Foot design changes are from the (Old) rounded foot design to a (New) squared design. The changes are also seen in the extrusion profile. These changes have no effect on Fit, Form or Function of the parts. All new parts can be mounted in existing applications with no modifications. Part numbering will not change. Images not to scale. Details

Product Change Notice

Ohmite announces dimensional changes to the reels of FCSL110 and FC4L110 series parts. The “A” dimension of the current reels are 330mm 2mm. This dimension will change to 180mm 2mm. The “N” dimension will change from 100mm 1mm to 21mm 0.8mm. Existing stock of the old reel sizes will be shipped until stock is exhausted. Parts are stocked by value and wattage. There may be instances when two part numbers may arrive with two reel sizes due to stock demands. Details

Ohmite Manufacturing acquires Arcol UK, Ltd.

Ohmite Manufacturing Company headquartered in Chicago Illinois, a wholly owned subsidiary of Heico Company, LLC, has acquired Arcol UK, Ltd of Truro, England. The acquisition solidifies Ohmite’s global presence in the power resistors market and establishes a manufacturing presence in Europe upon which to grow. Ohmite’s President Greg Pace says of the acquisition, “The combination of Arcol’s excellent power resistor product line and their reputation for quality complements Ohmite’s global offering. Arcol is particularly strong in aluminum housed wirewound resistors which is consistent with our customer base and our selling strategy. The strengths of our two organizations working together will benefit our mutual customers and Distributors for decades to come.”

Arcol UK, Ltd, founded in the 1952, was acquired by Mike Pritchard and Alun Morgan in 1992 and has grown by offering outstanding quality products and on-time delivery. Former owner Mike Pritchard says, “This is a very nice fit for Arcol and its employees, distributors and customers. The combined product lines, and distribution channels will result in sustained growth for Ohmite. We are pleased to be selling to such a fine organization and we are proud of what Arcol has accomplished.”

Precision Metal Film

  • Tolerance down to 0.05%
  • Great Stability with TCR’s to 5ppm
  • Wattage range from 1/8 watt to 2 watts
  • Resistance range up to 10M ohms
  • Key to five-band code

Single And Dual Sided Heatsinks

  • 4 extrusion profiles in single and dual formats
  • Cam locking clips, no tools required
  • Expandable, up to 6 devices per heatsink
  • Designed for TO-247 and other devices

TO-220 Thick Film Heatsinkable

  • Max Wattage of 50 watts (tab temp max 25 C) with proper Heatsink
  • Resistance values from 1 ohm to 10K
  • Tolerances available 0.5%, 1%, 5%, and 10%
  • TCR down to 50ppm

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