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Dec 5 2017

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GE Centricity EMR Services

Acute Medical Billing Services from the leader :

The solutions are provided through cutting- edge technology.

We precision engineer our medical billing solutions so that it fits perfectly to your practice-specific needs.

Our celebrated track record gives a second assurance to our customers making them willingly vouch for BillingParadise.

The substantial increase in clientele has helped us to expand better improving individual attention to every one of our customers.

Get ready to save anywhere between $3600/year

BillingParadise has been paying the GE Centricity’s monthly subscription fee on behalf of its providers. This lets the providers to use GE Centricityat no cost by paying just 5% of what they get paid from the insurance companies and the patients.

Top 3 rationales why GE Centricityusers choose BillingParadise?

Practices and Physicians save nearly $3600 per year

Providers get their claims paid much faster with BillingParadise

The secure HL7 integration with GE centricity

Save a fortune:

BillingParadise is a loyal vendor of GE Centricity. This enables us to provide GE centricity EMR software for free. For medical practices that are looking to cut down production costs, BillingParadise comes in with a surprise. Look at your tabulated profits below.

GE centricity users can now add a feather to their cap:

BillingParadise is a crown jewel for every medical practice willing to streamline their medical billing operations. Much more to the customers’ surprise BillingParadise offers GE centricity EMR software for free.

The world’s best EMR software tagged along with industry’s finest medical billing service provider can launch your medical practice to new heights. You can calculate how much BillingParadise can maximize your revenue flow

Norm compliance:

GE Centricity satisfies the HL7 checklist. Medical billing software combined with the HIPAA compliant medical billing services offered by BillingParadise is sure to make wonders in your collection results.

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