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Jan 30 2018




Microsoft CustomerSource

Microsoft Training Resources

If you are a current Microsoft Dynamics user, on a current Microsoft Business Ready Enhancement Plan. you are allowed access to CustomerSource, a large knowledge database supplied by Microsoft! Customers can use CustomerSource get information such as technical support, product updates and downloads, Microsoft Dynamics training, events, and more.

Microsoft CustomerSource is a valuable connection to your relationship with software, and Microsoft; it s also an efficient way of accessing information you need 24 hours a day. This one-stop resource helps you maintain and grow your business management solution and increase productivity.

When you log in, CustomerSource displays content pertinent to your products and profile, delivering information relevant to you in your geography.

  • Training and Certification
  • Account Management
  • Support
  • Knowledge Base
  • Downloads and Updates
  • Technical Documentation
  • Product and Service Information
  • News and Events
  • Microsoft Dynamics Community Forums

To sign in and gain access to CustomerSource, please follow the directions HERE

**Please note that step one asks for your CustomerSource admin. If you do not know who that person is, please contact Queue, and we will direct you to the correct person. The admin will have the ability to add additional CustomerSource members within your organization.

Microsoft CustomerSource Overview for SL Users

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