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Jul 4 2018

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First and Second Lien Loans Written by Bennet Grill for Gaebler Ventures Trying to get a loan for your business? It is important to understand the different types of debt, whether that be subordinated or unsubordinated, unsecured or secured. This article focuses on first and second lien loans. A first lien loan is a form of senior debt. (article continues below) It is a secured form of debt that has first priority in payment in the event of a company’s liquification. Remember that secured forms of debt are backed by specific assets of the company, which serve as collateral to …

Jul 4 2018

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Religion, Degrees, Graduate Department of Religion, Vanderbilt University, phd in divinity.#Phd #in #divinity

# Graduate Department of Religion Degrees Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Religion Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Religion Areas of Study Degree programs are offered in: Interdisciplinary studies, both within religion and in other areas of knowledge, are encouraged. The study of religion can be pursued at Vanderbilt both as a critical, humanistic discipline, employing a variety of methodological perspectives, and as a theological discipline, interpreting the biblical religions and their historical, theological, and ethical heritage. Degree Requirements Candidates for the Ph.D. degree must demonstrate a reading knowledge of two modern languages: another modern language relevant to the field of …

Jul 4 2018

Talent Acquisition, baltimore jobs.#Baltimore #jobs

baltimore jobs Baltimore County Public Schools is a large, suburban and diverse school district that serves more than 111,000 students.В Our theory of action is to equip every student with the critical 21st century skills needed to be globally competitive.В Members of Team BCPS believe that we must ensure that every school has an equitable learning environment and that every student has access to learning and developing proficiency in a second language.В The Blueprint 2.0: Our Way Forward is a five-year strategic plan that clearly defines the roadmap for our school district to focus on a world-class curriculum and the …