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Sep 18 2018

The Forrester Wave TM. Enterprise Data Virtualization, Q1 2015

Denodo Named a Leader in Enterprise Data Virtualization

In The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Virtualization, Q1 2015, Forrester Research, Inc. named Denodo as a leader in enterprise data virtualization, receiving the second highest score for Current Offering and tying for third highest score in Strategy.

To access all information related to Denodo’s ranking in “The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Virtualization, Q1 2015”, click here.

“. Denodo has improved significantly in this Wave, gaining an improved leadership position through continuous product innovation and enhancements.”

The report also states that “. more than 250 enterprises rely on Denodo to support their mission-critical data virtualization deployments. Customers often mention lower cost and faster time-to-value are top reasons for selecting Denodo.”

Cited for Continuous Product Innovation – Denodo Ranks in Top 2 for Current Offering

The report recognized that the data virtualization market is thriving with more mature solutions available to support very large and complex deployments.

Denodo is cited for innovating to meet enterprise demands and offering an integrated solution that provided greater automation, ease of use, and simplicity to speed up development and deployment of data virtualization. The report notes that customers appreciate Denodo’s easy-to-use, tight integration with non-structured data, simple yet sophisticated data modeling capabilities, search, data life-cycle management, and support for comprehensive lists of data sources. The report also stated that Denodo Express — a free data virtualization solution— is likely to drive awareness, Denodo is executing well on its vision and customers are expanding their deployments to deliver a broader 360-degree-view of the business and customer.

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Join our guest speaker Noel Yuhanna. Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and lead author of recently published, The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Virtualization, Q1 2015 report, as he explains the most up-to-date research on Data Virtualization – fresh trends, hot use cases and key innovations – and why it is essential for modern data architectures. His presentation will be supplemented by a showcase of real-life examples from large and complex deployments of data virtualization by Suresh Chandrasekaran, SVP Denodo.

Featured Guest Speaker: Noel Yuhanna, Principal Analyst at Forrester

By Noel Yuhanna, Forrester Research

About Denodo

Denodo is the leader in data virtualization – providing unmatched performance, unified access to the broadest range of enterprise, Big Data, cloud and unstructured sources, and the most agile data services provisioning and governance – at less than half the cost of traditional data integration. Denodo’s customers have gained significant business agility and ROI by creating a unified virtual data layer that serves strategic enterprise-wide information needs for agile BI, big data analytics, web and cloud integration, single-view applications, and SOA data services across every major industry.

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